Let’s scream and shout ‘till we work it out !



Vagebond is a small independent production company with a focus on digital video production services. We direct and produce a wide variety of digital content including film, video, broadcast, animation, online & mobile. We work for individuals, agencies and broadcasting companies, offering both creativity and production skills. We are directors, producers, storytellers and image builders who love to rock!


We deal with the entire aspect of video production and development. From the pre-production all the way to filming and editing. We always look at the challenge from a creative perspective first and then mould our creative solutions into well-honed and economically viable video productions.

1. Planning

It takes a lot of effort to make something look effortless. We know that every detail counts. We know how to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together in order to get your story told. We’ll find you the ideal location, the perfect score, the spot-on imagery and the actors you have been dreaming of. Oh, and we know deadlines.

2. Storytelling

You have a story to tell, about your brand or organisation. And you need the right people to watch the story, to feel it and to believe it. We hear ya! And we’d be honoured to help. Even if you’re not quite sure yet what the exact message should be, or how you want it told, we’re here for you. Together, we’ll find the words, the vibe, the beat.

3. Creativity

Do you hear that crackling noise? That’s our creativity at work: the merging of ideas, the collision of thoughts, the conception of great stories. We want your project to stand out so it gets the attention it deserves. Therefore we aim for unprecedented content, surprising techniques and extraordinary punch lines.

4. Technology

We could baffle you with tech lingo, such as ‘yes, of course we work with 4K and advanced non-linear editing techniques’. But suffice to say that we put the latest technology to work, so we can capture the subtleties of a scene, stitch images seamlessly together and in the end get you the powerful, influential video you have been yearning for.

Our Clients